COMING RIGHT UP! Remodelers Home Tour 2013

September 22nd, 2013

Another year has flown by and we are preparing for the Remodelers Home Tour in Ann Arbor again, to be held next weekend, September 28 and 29.  We are showing a wonderful kitchen remodel project, which involved not only the kitchen, but reconfiguring the living room and dining room spaces as well.  Some design challenges involved where to run the ducts and the wires, when moving walls.  Jim Acheson, problem solver par excellence, came up with a solution that also added a wonderful design dimension – hiding some of these wires and heat ducts within a tray ceiling in the dining room.  Adding color to the tray ceiling sparked up the space even more, for a dramatic and dynamic effect.

Come visit the show – we would love to see you there.  For more information, go to

Bright color in Tray Ceiling adds pizazz to this dining space


September 21st, 2009

Another year has flown by, and here we are preparing for the 2013 Remodelers Home Tour in Ann Arbor next weekend, September 28 and 29th. We are showing an exciting and beautiful kitchen that we remodeled – which involved moving walls and reconfiguring the dining room, kitchen and living room. There were some major challenges with moving of the walls, relating to where to run ducts and wires… but Jim Acheson, with his problem solving skills “did it again”, coming up with a creative solution that also became a design asset: a tray ceiling in the dining area was used to hide some of the necessary utilities.

Tray ceiling

Color adds pizazz to this tray ceiling design feature!


August 21st, 2009

One thing that is really exciting is to be able to RETURN to a client’s home for a NEW project. Recently, Mr. & Mrs. Burgett of Ann Arbor called us to look into remodeling their three bathrooms and also their laundry room. A couple of years ago we had done a complete kitchen remodel for them. They were so happy with our work that they called us again, to beautify these other rooms.

We are always so honored when we are called back, and entrusted with a new project for a client. It helps us know we are doing things right – satisfying our clients. That is our main goal!

Since we have been in business quite some time, we have MANY clients who have done not just one or two but multiple projects with our company – from additions, to kitchens, to bathroom remodels, to basement finishing, and everything in between. The great thing to note is that if you are frustrated with certain areas of your home, we can make those spaces better – and we can do it incrementally so that it spreads out the costs over the years.

I just sent off a note of thanks to the Burgetts. We are thankful to ALL of you, our clients, who have called us again and again, and have also referred us to many of your friends!