September 21st, 2009

Another year has flown by, and here we are preparing for the 2013 Remodelers Home Tour in Ann Arbor next weekend, September 28 and 29th. We are showing an exciting and beautiful kitchen that we remodeled – which involved moving walls and reconfiguring the dining room, kitchen and living room. There were some major challenges with moving of the walls, relating to where to run ducts and wires… but Jim Acheson, with his problem solving skills “did it again”, coming up with a creative solution that also became a design asset: a tray ceiling in the dining area was used to hide some of the necessary utilities.

Tray ceiling

Color adds pizazz to this tray ceiling design feature!


August 21st, 2009

One thing that is really exciting is to be able to RETURN to a client’s home for a NEW project. Recently, Mr. & Mrs. Burgett of Ann Arbor called us to look into remodeling their three bathrooms and also their laundry room. A couple of years ago we had done a complete kitchen remodel for them. They were so happy with our work that they called us again, to beautify these other rooms.

We are always so honored when we are called back, and entrusted with a new project for a client. It helps us know we are doing things right – satisfying our clients. That is our main goal!

Since we have been in business quite some time, we have MANY clients who have done not just one or two but multiple projects with our company – from additions, to kitchens, to bathroom remodels, to basement finishing, and everything in between. The great thing to note is that if you are frustrated with certain areas of your home, we can make those spaces better – and we can do it incrementally so that it spreads out the costs over the years.

I just sent off a note of thanks to the Burgetts. We are thankful to ALL of you, our clients, who have called us again and again, and have also referred us to many of your friends!

Smoother Sailing

April 24th, 2009

Exciting news! To improve communications and provide for streamlined sharing of documents, photos (before, during, and after a project) and email, we have initiated a new program for our clients (for managing larger projects – not for small repair jobs or minor remodeling.) Our clients will be able to log into this program through our website. (Of course it is not a requirement for your project to be managed this way, if you are not interested in computer communications.)

Our Online job management program includes the following:

Online Scheduling & Calendar

  • We can schedule your job online, and you will be able to access the schedule online from anywhere, even from pocket PCs and palms (note: schedules are never exact – but an approximation of the order in which the various portions of a project will occur.)
  • Should any changes occur – additions or deletions to a project – we can update the schedule easily, and our clients, workers, and suppliers will be able to see the adjusted schedule, and plan accordingly
  • We can more easily schedule meetings, tasks, selection deadlines, etc. and send reminders to you, our clients or our vendors, with automatic email notifications
  • The program increases our efficiency in managing your job, thus allowing your project to be more quickly completed, not only saving you money, but saving you some of the stress of living with a remodeling project going on in your home

Online Document & Photo Sharing

  • Homeowners are able to access documents, such as drawings, contracts and change orders as well as photos of their job
  • Homeowners, as well as Acheson Builders, are able to upload their own photos of the project for the homeowner’s records, and these are easily shared with their friends, to update them on what’s going on in your home – with a simple send-to-friend feature.
  • Blueprints, elevations, floor-plans, and other drawings may be accessed and viewed online, in a high-resolution printable format.

Online Change Orders

  • Homeowners may approve and decline change orders online
  • This helps make it very clear which changes are accepted or not
  • Homeowners can view their running total as change orders are accepted

Online Options & Selections

  • Homeowners may view pricing and approve options and/or selections online
  • Paperwork and miscommunication is reduced, and all information is in one easily accessible place
  • Homeowners may view their running total instantly as they select their options

Online Warranty Management

  • Allow Homeowners to make warranty requests online
  • Manage & schedule warranty requests online
  • Integrate with your current warranty provider
  • Allow homeowners to approve work upon completion

Email & Direct Text Messaging

  • Messages and communications by email or text messaging can all be done from the website, and a record is kept of when the message has been viewed
  • Keeps all communication for a particular job in an easily accessed central location

We believe this will be a helpful program and assist in making remodeling and home building more “client friendly.”  Let us know how you like it!