Right at Home: HGL Show 2015

March 24th, 2015

25th Annual Home, Garden & Lifestyle Show Draws Near-Record Crowds

advertising art for 25th Annual Home Garden & Lifestyle Show 2015 Ann Arbor Michigan


Successful show! Sunshine and no rain, plus an enthused crowd, brought a great number of visitors this year. We were informed that the turnout was about 50% higher than last year. The check-in / ticket sales booth at the entrance to the show ran out of the bags that they were giving away for the first two days, for people to be able to carry literature in. Maureen Sloan, CEO of Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor, said that we were having numbers like we haven’t seen since 2005!

Photo of Keith Patton meeting with Guests at HGL 2015

Keith Patton offers guests a range of ideas for their homeowner remodeling project.

At the Acheson Builders booth, people were very engaged and interested. Many stopped and talked with us, and a good number filled out forms stating they wanted to be contacted about their project, to set up appointments.

photo of Jim Acheson with Guest at Acheson Builders booth of the Home, Garden, and Lifestyle Show in Ann Arbor 2015

Jim offers ideas to a guest.

To all of you who stopped by our booth, thank you so much for visiting. It was a real pleasure meeting you. We are excited to have been able to talk with you and look forward to helping get started realizing your remodeling and home building projects!


Jim Acheson Wins Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement 2014

November 9th, 2014

Washtenaw Remodelers Council 2014 Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement

photo of James Acheson holding 2014 Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement

Jim Acheson has been honored with the 2014 Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement — Photo: Peter Nowakowski, Marketing & Communications Director BRAG Ann Arbor

The annual Builders Association Banquet was the setting for the presentation of the Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement. This year, the award went to Jim Acheson!

Jim Acheson Wins Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement

Here is the full text of the presentation:

It is an honor to present the Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement, which was established in 1992 in commemoration of Steve Keppler, an outstanding professional and remarkable person who made an indelible mark on our Association, our community, and the lives of everyone who knew him. Like its namesake, the purpose of this award is multi-faceted. The award recognizes an individual with extraordinary remodeling skills and business accomplishments who has also enriched our Association and lifted us all to a higher level. In addition, this Award celebrates a generous person, devoted to improving the lives of others, and the very fabric of our community through giving and volunteerism.

photo of the 2014 Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement

2014 Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement

As we pondered these qualities, one such person emerged as a clear fit of this distinguished profile. With unanimous admiration we decided the 2014 Keppler Award belongs to Jim Acheson.

Some 25 years ago, Jim brought us the vision of creating a special event which came to be known as the Remodelers Home Tour. His idea took off, and grew into a vital marketing tool for our members. This year an average of 650 people came through each home on the Tour.

All these years later, it speaks volumes to see Acheson Builders’ very own work featured among these premier remodeled homes. I’m sure many of their clients would share our enthusiasm for the phenomenal work of Jim and his team. In every one of their projects, you can see that the details really matter.

photo of James Acheson holding 2014 Keppler Award for Remodeling Achievement as BRAG Ann Arbor CEO Maureen Sloan and her colleague look on

BRAG Ann Arbor CEO Maureen Sloan (right) and her colleague (left) present Jim Acheson (center) with the 2014 Keppler Award at Builders Association Banquet November 4, 2014

In Jim’s personal life, you can see that, too. He’s proactive when it comes to engaging with local governments, striving to improve the way our community operates. He leads by example as a frequent volunteer serving meals at The Hope Clinic to those who can use a helping hand, a hand that he is willing to lend. All the while, Jim has always been there for his family and friends with all of his heart.

We thank you, Jim, for all you’ve done to help build BRAG Ann Arbor* into what it is today, and for so much more. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the 2014 Keppler Award to our esteemed colleague, Jim Acheson. Congratulations Jim!