One Good Stairway Leads to Another

October 31st, 2009
Custom curved wood stairs and railing

Custom curved wood stairs and railing

Some time ago, as part of a remodeling project, we built these custom wood stairs (shown at left) to replace some outdated metal ones.  The homeowners were so pleased with our craftsmanship that they hired us to do several projects for them at the same home, including a master bathroom remodel.

Double curved stairs

When, a number of years later, they decided that they wanted to build a new larger home, with a built in pool, on a beautiful tree’d lot near Plymouth Michigan, they knew who to call.  They knew not only the skill and integrity of Jim Acheson when it came to detailed and complicated projects, but they also knew he had the experience and knowledge of sound building practices, and they had confidence that he and his company, Acheson Builders, could successfully run a large custom home project – about 7500 SF, along with accompanying swimming pool and pond, even though it was larger than many projects he had done up to that point. They were right!  The home turned out magnificently, and has held up well to the test of time.  That was some 18 years ago! No callbacks!

The new home was quite impressive, and took nearly a year to build, but it was worth the satisfaction of knowing that when you are faithful in handling smaller jobs,  they will many times lead to greater things – even another set of curved stairs – this time a double set!

MFD Ext distant CROP 600dpi

Custom home nearing completion

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