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Since 1973 our goal has been to make your home more beautiful, comfortable, energy efficient, and to serve you with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and care.

Reputation built on experience.

We know what works and what doesn’t work for long term value; time after time we have repaired what others have unknowingly built incorrectly! Even with the more demanding type of construction work typical of remodeling: matching existing work, protecting premises, accommodating owner requirements we consistently keep our job site clean, and provide for you the highest quality workmanship available in the Ann Arbor area.

Hi Marilyn and Jim, I want to say that I can't be happier with the house.  I still drive slowly up the street so I can look at it as I am coming home at night.  It is a joy to me that the changes look so good; and it is not just about how it looks.  The upstairs is brighter and cooler with the new windows and when we have had the air conditioner on, with the ceiling fans running upstairs, the whole house was more comfortable thanks to the new roof and insulation. photo of house with Acheson Builders' dormer additions in plain sloping roof and restored front porch, snow on roof and groundThis winter will be the first one in a lot of years now that I will not worry about snow on the roof or heat escaping through it. My heartfelt thanks to both of you, to Rob, Keith, and especially Robert and Charlie and the other workers who I don't know their names.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's work, taking the time to not just listen, but talk to me about the work and how and why things were done and making sure the job was done right.  When we left to spend Christmas last year with my sister in Virginia, I did not think twice about having Robert and Charlie there working.  I knew the house was in good hands. You know I can go on and on.  I love the house! Thank you all a thousand times. Pat V - TESTIMONIAL: Couldn't be happier!

All builders are NOT created equal.

All builders and remodelers are NOT the same. Some will come in and patch some ideas together in a hurry. Some will give you a really “good deal” but then you will realize later that the style just doesn’t fit. Some are good craftsmen, but they don’t have the business skills to run your job smoothly and efficiently. Some will build in a way that won’t last over the long run, because of construction errors you might not see.

And then there’s Acheson Builders.

We carefully plan and think through the whole picture. We design it to give you the best value for your budget. Jim Acheson has a sense of design and artistry that is widely acclaimed – he is skillful at bringing the elements of good design to your existing spaces, or the new ones you are wishing for. We have the skills and experience to plan and produce your project with vision, expertise, and professionalism. You have an idea or a need – Jim Acheson has an eye for bringing that idea to fruition.

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